Aug 20, 2010

How Humane Are Humans?

I will never find the best artist in the world, there is no such thing. When I search for inspiration I always think that people express things in their way and that is nourishing.. the most important thing is witch feeling you receive and not how the art is made.. that actually don´t mean that much.. it depends of course in what it is, but the feeling you get is what matters first! And there is thousand undiscovered feelings! No artist will be the best.. except the King Michael Jackson of course but no one could compare themselves with him! R.I.P. Every artist has a "few" nerves in every human to touch!

The more we feel and see the more we´ll develop!

I was flying home from a trip a few days ago and at the air port there was a man having severe cramps that to me that has worked in the health-care was indicating to be epilepsy. The thing is that the cramp should have calmed down after a short time but was still continuing.. and the man that maybe was in his forties stopped breathing and I didn´t find any puls neither in his arms or on the neck.. I have seen similar situations before.. but this time I was´nt prepared for it.. Of course in my desperate and unreal moment I started to prepare my mind for a CPR.. but he did take a breath seconds after that...

I tried to call for help to get health care immediately but no one reacted except the person that found him first.. and people were just walking by.. I really do´nt mean to appear like some hero or something.. What happened just happened by a chance.. maybe I would have reacted the same? The man did get help and he got better.. but the feeling that this experience gave me was indescribable!! I felt sick, disgust.. is that was our humanity of an so-called modern "fully developed" society should look like? Can´t we even help a person that is "dying" in front of us? How would they feel if that happened to them? I know that we´re not living in some kind of Disney World.. but would it cost that much to stop, take the phone and call for some help!? Nothing but the phone call! To be humane!

How humane are this creatures that is called the smartest animal on earth?

I love this artist behind this short film. I was shivering through it, it´s maybe not that advanced in it´s production.. but I felt so much by seeing it! Like how strong do we think that we are? You will never wake up some day and feel that everything is perfectly fine in you life! We should not forget how delicate we are.. flesh in movement for some years.. hopefully 70 healthy years if we´re lucky! Sad to spoil this living machine that has blood as fuel.. it should be shown more respect!

This is how the artist describes his film.
The name of it is GHOST, a study of model Natasha Poly. An investigation into the obsessive behavior of the public eye and it´s lingering effects on those chased and caught by it. The piece utilizes multiple shots, all presented head-on, giving the audience an opportunity to experience the deconstruction of an icon as it strips the beauty out of fashion. /Marco Brambilla

Marco Brambilla has also done Kanye Wests new single POWER (sorry about the cut screen, click on the link and see a better version). It was outrageously fantastic in a heavenly way! I don´t think I´ve ever seen art that incredible in my life! Like if it was Gustav Klimts art, Michelangelos, Van Goghs all together.. but in a magically touching movements! Marco was actually inspired of Michael Angelos artworks.