Apr 6, 2011

Heike Heldsdörfer

..every day you see people, every person has a story with plenty of eras that you could understand just if you where that person per se.. that´s a lot of interesting storys! Sometimes books aren´t enough, there are enough tales all around you. One of my tales that I experienced so far is actually when I was networking.

I needed to se fashion, design and art through other peoples eyes. I met a fashion designer by a great chance, Heike Heldsdörfer. I asked things like a curious child would have asked. And I got honest and sweet answers back. She is also a stylist, I had the opportunity to see her work. And I loved it! This is her latest work made in the water. If you like to see more of her styling projects click on her name Heike Heldsdörfer. Nice to meet you Heike! Hope I´ll see you live soon! :)

Photographer: Mike Meyer