Nov 29, 2010

Françoise Nelly

..this is what I call visions captured in heaven! You could see the beauty of every individual face. Great art gives you the feeling of unity! You could almost feel like if you where a part of it. And where you could experience a feeling or a thought that you never been in touch with before!

The artist lives in a world full of fantastic images! A childhood surrounded by her fathers architecual knowledge. Images through photography, illustrations, computer generated animated graphics and so on.. The colours of her expressions are free, the images are sensual just like her. That loves and celebrate life in every different angle! This is without any hesitations her mission on earth!

"You could say "it" with colours!"

Watch the artist paint with oil and knife, unfortunately it is in french. But it´s really nice to watch how she paints anyway. Sorry about the cut screen, if you like to watch the real version go to this link Fancoise Nelly.
Gallerys where Francoise Nelly show her work 2010:
Opera Gallery
Galerie LänkMenouar
Art Palm Beach

If you like to watch her earlier work click here or on the images.

Nov 11, 2010

David Chapel

I found this artist by a chance. I guess that´s when you find great things. When you´re not looking for it! And suddenly it´s there.. looking at you.. some art feels like if it´s talking to you. I really enjoy the way this artist captured those expressions. I think the human body in art or just faces are very interesting and affect me a lot. The name of the blog says really what I think about faces.. that the face says it all! "WedgeHitch"=Your face in arabic. I will hunt faces alive or in art as long as I live! Because that is where I get my inspiration among other things.

This artist is also a makeup artist and hair stylist. I was really curious to read more about him, but unfortunately I can´t speak french. The site is in french. If you like to read more about him, click on his name or on one of the pictures, David Chapel.

I like the way D.C draw the lines. They look like lines but every line has its own unique shape at the same time embraced by it´s own special color!

He also does different styles very good! I look forward to see more of his work!

Nov 4, 2010

Supakitch & koralie

When I was at Kimono Fusion at Världskulturmuseet in Gothenburg, I saw this wall painting and I was blown away! It was so amazing it was dangerous for my eyes!!

Nov 3, 2010

Firas Albasry

I haven´t talked to this artist about this collection, but in some cases you don´t need it. It is of course interesting to discuss them. But those artworks says alot. The color combinations, the techniques and the feelings the artist want to express, it is really interesting! This is just a few of his work, you could also go to his site and enjoy more of his other collections. He also do sculptures. Teshkeil

This is so cute, the facial hair removing technique aren´t the most glamourous thing to look at in real life.. but he made it look interesting!

This is also sweet, you could almost feel what the mother is feeling holding her newborn child!

When I look at Firas Albasrys art, I almost hear the music of the beautiful instrument oud... You could listen to Naseer Shamma if you want to know how oud sounds like.

Nov 2, 2010

Benjamin Kanarek "BK"

Vogue Brazil "Ulan Bator"

Magnificent work! The clothes, make up.. the amazing way Benjamin Kanarek did shoot those pictures! The models almost look like if they were perfect wax dolls in a perfect imaginary world!
BK has also a blog, read it here "BK blog" or watch the making of this art here

Benjamin Kanarek talkes a little bit about how he began with photography here. He started at the beginning to study architecture and suddenly how he literally fell into this trade. You never know where you are going to be! But you can affect where you would want to be now!

Laura Laine

Watch more illustrations by Laura Laine here.
I don´t know where to begin, I totally adore this artist! How could anybody draw like that? I´ve seen those a lot, but yet it´s like if it was for the first time. I enjoy the colors, try to learn and understand her techniques.. Wow this is one of many reasons to love life! "Art is the way"!!
Or here on Trendland

This illustration was made for H&M

Those were made for ZARA

Art And The City

Unknown art, so cute! There is no limit for our imagination!

Street art on a buildingwall that I shoot in Stavanger city, Norway. It really captured my eyes! Beautiful!

Me in front of a cool graffiti wall made by "Ollio" at the street Första Långgatan in Gothenburg.