Jun 24, 2011

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May 17, 2011


"You are born, protected, guided. You’ll grow up. By life you’ll be injected and by people infected. You’ll meet you as someone else, the one that will serve you only if you treat it well. You’ll wake up and explode into an unworn shape. Almighty in your own world. Congratulations, you’ve won the badges of knowledge, wisdom. You are reborn
Welcome to WedgeHitch."

The Promo

wedgehitch promo from Shwan Nazar on Vimeo.

The show

Model: Rashid Afrah.

This shoulder jewelry is handmade with real indian stones and copper details. It´s the only one in it´s design, if there is any interests just send an e-mail, go to the profile or find the address below. That concerns the whole outfit.

This photo is by Shwan Nazar

If you need any of those designs just send an e-mail that you could find on the profile or below and you´ll be contacted as soon as possible. Write what you like to order and if you have other color desires for example.
This dress goes in green and yellow right now, and the black coloring never gets similiar the other one. All garments are unique.

This shoulder jewelry is the only one made in this design.

Model: Carina Petersson
You could order tights, scarf, vest or/and t-shirts. Just put an request on the e-mail that you could find on the profile or below.

Model: Natasa Gavric
This vest is longer than the one before and with pockets. The colors of the skirt is always new and different in its intensity or tone, they never look alike when new ones makes.
All garments are made by hand, with natural materials and some with locally produced textiles.

Model: Damón Navandi

The inspiration for this collection comes from the wonder of meeting yourself as someone else and the battles in between that until you settle in peace. But also some influences from the late 80-90s street/urban/hip hop style.

Mostly I get my inspiration from feelings and thoughts. This collection is about the battles in life that will always come in small or big portions. The rough thought of it is to split up life in four parts.

When you´re born, you´ll be guided by parents and close people around you, symbolically the first outfit is inspired by protection, by that the headwear, and the shoulder jewelry is the security and strenght you get from your family.

The second part of life is the meeting, when you dare to meet "you" as someone else, and fearlessly explore yourself and your environment. The more you take care of yourself and learn the close you get to liberation, that is to be free in your own shell without despising it whatsoever!

The third part in life is the deliverance, you´ll see you as "you" and if you cherish it enough, it will never let you down.

The last thing is when you settle in peace, due to the knowledge and the wisdom you run up, nothing could break you! The last outfits symbolism is the tram and the jewelry full of colors, length, small beautiful stones like if it was a chest protection. That is: knowledge, experience, wisdom.. that is to be wealthy.

Struggle to be almighty in your own world!

Styling, design and jewels made by Morudj Ali for wedgehitch
Make up by Natasha James and Christine Friberg
Film by Shwan Nazar

For any "wedgehitch" clothing orders send an e mail to morudjali@yahoo.se

Apr 6, 2011

Heike Heldsdörfer

..every day you see people, every person has a story with plenty of eras that you could understand just if you where that person per se.. that´s a lot of interesting storys! Sometimes books aren´t enough, there are enough tales all around you. One of my tales that I experienced so far is actually when I was networking.

I needed to se fashion, design and art through other peoples eyes. I met a fashion designer by a great chance, Heike Heldsdörfer. I asked things like a curious child would have asked. And I got honest and sweet answers back. She is also a stylist, I had the opportunity to see her work. And I loved it! This is her latest work made in the water. If you like to see more of her styling projects click on her name Heike Heldsdörfer. Nice to meet you Heike! Hope I´ll see you live soon! :)

Photographer: Mike Meyer

Mar 8, 2011

Listen People!

...listen and you will understand.. yourself, the closest near by.. the world!
The inspiration for this screen print has somehow always been there for me. A faith. All meetings in life that shapes us. Bad or good are good! The idea is to illustrate a feeling about what makes me believe.. that no one is born without empathy! If I want people to treat me well I do have to treat them well as well! Of course! The golden rule! It´s simple, I don´t think there is a better one.

The illustration on the t-shirts consists of people trying to reach out an helping hand. Young, old, women, men and children! All people need each other!

This is a fabric with the same print draped on a tailor´s dummy.

A relative posing in one of my screened t-shirts, Lavin. This guy is a really inspiring person, always smiling and easy going.. you can´t be with him without laughing endlessly! He actually love to do rap music with his sweet brother Leith and are going to do a release in Gothenburg for free soon.. you could take a peek here: Lavin