Mar 8, 2011

Listen People!

...listen and you will understand.. yourself, the closest near by.. the world!
The inspiration for this screen print has somehow always been there for me. A faith. All meetings in life that shapes us. Bad or good are good! The idea is to illustrate a feeling about what makes me believe.. that no one is born without empathy! If I want people to treat me well I do have to treat them well as well! Of course! The golden rule! It´s simple, I don´t think there is a better one.

The illustration on the t-shirts consists of people trying to reach out an helping hand. Young, old, women, men and children! All people need each other!

This is a fabric with the same print draped on a tailor´s dummy.

A relative posing in one of my screened t-shirts, Lavin. This guy is a really inspiring person, always smiling and easy going.. you can´t be with him without laughing endlessly! He actually love to do rap music with his sweet brother Leith and are going to do a release in Gothenburg for free soon.. you could take a peek here: Lavin

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