Mar 9, 2010

Back In The Days

This elegant back almost "sings" a Barry White song.. it is that beautiful!
People should show more backs and less breasts!

There was once a day when we had a "happier" life! "It was better before" that is how it usually sounds when people are longing back to earlier days. It does`t matter that the present is our futures "past" that we someday are going to miss a lot... we are probably a bit low on enjoying what we already have instead of just lookin backwards or forwards!

Nostalgia implies that long for an often idealized past. The term comes from a medical student in 1978 Johannes Hofer, it grew as a medical diagnostic term for morbid homesicknes that some veterans experienced.


What makes it that interesting? The marked waist, feminine kurves and beautiful and smooth sexappeal! I think this is a sort of magasin that people could order clothes from. Before I knew I would blog I unfortunatly didn´t keep the links. Next submissions will be linked.

Love this picture that gives a hint of the 70s, a hint of the modern present and the early elegant CoCo Chanel look! The mature but still youthful look! Reminds me a lot of the fashionweek in Paris.

Laying on the grass, I feel the thick but still smooth straws touching my skin.. It´s summer, the sun is embracing me and I wish it`ll never let go!

....longed one day after a time that I have not even lived in, the feeling of nostalgia came over me when I looked at some old photos of my parents in the 70s. Curious about how it would have been to live at that time. Everyone has surely thought back and fantasized about whether if we would have the same personality or thoughts if we lived at a different time? What really shapes us? The environment, heritage or a combination of both?

Here are my beloved parents, relaxing at home in contemporary Baghdad in Iraq in the 70s. They were and are one of my richest sources of inspiration. My mom Fathia with a lot of clever sewing tips and my dad Rasouls sly ideas gives an wonderful combination together that enriches my life! Sometimes I don´t know where they get all the ideas from?!

Wet Behind The Ears
This look inspire me, it´s so "glamoury-partyish" and at the same time having this "unclean" wonderful retro yellow color!

Rue De Mal
Those beautiful dresses remind me of the 70s but they still give me a feeling of a futuristic elegance.

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