Mar 20, 2010

Warm Sculptures In Natural Delights

No words can describe this picture.. it´s stunning! What a fantastic bodyjewellery!
Yimmys Yayo blog

The beautiful Erica Badu.

It´s nourishing to feel love, it´s a powerful energy to have in life! Just to meet an stranger with positive energy can have a great effect on you! Negative or positive energy from one person affects you always as soon as it enters a room! In this submission I wanted to talk about the human energy. We all have unique and different energies and we all share them through interaction with each other!

...we are in different shapes, textures and warmth.. what a natural delight!

We are creatures with many interesting disguises and with rich facial expressions! I estimate the natural beauty of people and I think it´s so fascinating how we can change our body to become art! We are like beautiful sculptures in motion.
Warm Sculptures In Natural Delights!

Let me present one of my oil/water painting that I did at spring 2000 in high school. This year it will reach it´s 10 year anniversary! The hole real painting is the one to the left at the bottom. I started to paint when I was thinking and I realised how important everybody is for eachother! And I wanted to express that on the canvas!

I call this one "Symbiosis"

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