Nov 29, 2010

Françoise Nelly

..this is what I call visions captured in heaven! You could see the beauty of every individual face. Great art gives you the feeling of unity! You could almost feel like if you where a part of it. And where you could experience a feeling or a thought that you never been in touch with before!

The artist lives in a world full of fantastic images! A childhood surrounded by her fathers architecual knowledge. Images through photography, illustrations, computer generated animated graphics and so on.. The colours of her expressions are free, the images are sensual just like her. That loves and celebrate life in every different angle! This is without any hesitations her mission on earth!

"You could say "it" with colours!"

Watch the artist paint with oil and knife, unfortunately it is in french. But it´s really nice to watch how she paints anyway. Sorry about the cut screen, if you like to watch the real version go to this link Fancoise Nelly.
Gallerys where Francoise Nelly show her work 2010:
Opera Gallery
Galerie LänkMenouar
Art Palm Beach

If you like to watch her earlier work click here or on the images.

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