Nov 11, 2010

David Chapel

I found this artist by a chance. I guess that´s when you find great things. When you´re not looking for it! And suddenly it´s there.. looking at you.. some art feels like if it´s talking to you. I really enjoy the way this artist captured those expressions. I think the human body in art or just faces are very interesting and affect me a lot. The name of the blog says really what I think about faces.. that the face says it all! "WedgeHitch"=Your face in arabic. I will hunt faces alive or in art as long as I live! Because that is where I get my inspiration among other things.

This artist is also a makeup artist and hair stylist. I was really curious to read more about him, but unfortunately I can´t speak french. The site is in french. If you like to read more about him, click on his name or on one of the pictures, David Chapel.

I like the way D.C draw the lines. They look like lines but every line has its own unique shape at the same time embraced by it´s own special color!

He also does different styles very good! I look forward to see more of his work!

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