Nov 3, 2010

Firas Albasry

I haven´t talked to this artist about this collection, but in some cases you don´t need it. It is of course interesting to discuss them. But those artworks says alot. The color combinations, the techniques and the feelings the artist want to express, it is really interesting! This is just a few of his work, you could also go to his site and enjoy more of his other collections. He also do sculptures. Teshkeil

This is so cute, the facial hair removing technique aren´t the most glamourous thing to look at in real life.. but he made it look interesting!

This is also sweet, you could almost feel what the mother is feeling holding her newborn child!

When I look at Firas Albasrys art, I almost hear the music of the beautiful instrument oud... You could listen to Naseer Shamma if you want to know how oud sounds like.

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